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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  PBS  May 12, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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from washington, the american original for over three decades, the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. the group is brought to you by semens. across the country we're building them to last. >> we need to check and make sure we're on schedule. >> the first technology of its kind is now providing answers.
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semens, answers. >> if you want immigration hurdles. >> in omaha the nation's immigration law was in the united states senate. the 844 page immigration's bill was brought forward by republican senator marco of florida. joining him were the seven other members of the self- denominated gang. four democrats and four republicans. on thursday the senate judiciary committee began considering the bill with all of the proposed changes, over 300 to the original 800 page document. the amendments were filed by individual senators crowded by hundreds of lobbyiest. as proposed the bill would be before security and create a system to track temporary workers and visitors and
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penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants and grant the illegal immigrants in the u. s. a chance to gain legal state and after some hurdles citizenship. this pass for citizenship is one of the major sticking points as as many mostly conservatives. case and point, a new study from the heritage foundation. an act of citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants would cost u.s. taxpayers $6.3 trillion. the study is no immigrants over a period of 50 years would benefit from entitlement programs including health, education, social security and others amounting to $9 trillion while contributing to only 3 trillion to the u.s. economy.
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thus the $3.63 trillion gap. the former u.s. senator from south carolina and head of the heritage foundation. >> the average unlawful immigrant house hold will receive nearly $3 in benefits for every 1 dollar in taxes paid under the provision. >> heritage's price tag was immediately blasted by republican senator rubio who attacked the legitimacy of the study. >> the study is based over 50 years and estimates the number of people counted in the system and includes the 4 million kids living here now and a quarter of the cost are for traffic and police and firefighters and public services already provided and another quarter of the cost, if they're not reformed won't exist in ten years much less 50. i think the study is deeply flawed.
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>> why is the senator so -- by the heritage study? >> because his entire career has been on the bill, john. it's going to appeal to a tremendous number of conservatives and make them go harder against the bill than they are right now and i think marco's problem is he's got himself on the side of amnesty and you have others like senator cruise of texas taking the other side. there's going to be a war inside the republican party. this bill will probably pass the senate. when it gets over to the house, i think it's going to be torn to pieces and the bill is going to fail and marco has bent his presidential hopes on this particular bill and started off very strong but now moving the other way against it. >> $600 billion in new taxes. >> well, john, the whole thing, the key thing is if you drop amnesty out of this bill, it's gone.
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>> we call it a citizenship and it's earned and over a period of no less than 13 years which is not a give away in most people's mind. people want to kill the bill and in any form that it is and i think senator appropriately rejected this report. he's not alone. most conservatives have pushed back their regard. the map is bogus and it asserts that the average iq of immigrants is 10 points less than native born americans and that will take generations to resolve. where that comes from, i don't know but that enough discredits this report. rubio does see this as a ticket to the presidential sweepstakes
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but he also sees it as a way to save his party. republicans can come to terms with immigration reform. >> i think what people are saying is for the pro immigration groups there's a lot of talk for people to build border fences and arm border guards. this supposedly conserves his study and painted this extremely pessimistic view of america. what it was basically saying -- the next 50 years they're going to sit on welfare and not try to get jobs, improve.
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immigrants are the kind of people who cross the world america and they want the american dream. >> more sections of this bill authorized $150 million over the next five years. >> i don't think it's pork. obviously, it's one way of trying to help a whole population deal with the legal issues that they're going to have on their quest for citizenship. i want to go back to the other issue. there's no doubt that the benefits that people of that income level and education level are significantly higher than the amount of income they bring in to the government. it's going to be true in health care, true in terms of other kinds of compensation like unemployment compensation and we really have a surplus of people who in a sense are shall we say less educated.
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we need people more educated. i am not opposed to this. health care and retirement, there's going to be a lot of additional cost. if you look at the way the cost structure cost revenue minus benefits, you have a gap. >> corporate america needed these workers bad. >> the average immigrant coming in for the first two years or so consumed something like $30,000 a year in benefits and pays something like $10,000 a year. there's no doubt given the extraordinary generosity and 50 million on food stamps folks coming in here poor and unmarried with kids may draw on the system and do not contribute to cash. >> their children go to college and create businesses and do all kinds of things.
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you can't go out 50 years and condemn. >> i'm not saying it should be done but we are going to have a lot higher cost compared to revenue. it's built in and applies today to that same population. >> i thought they weren't paying taxes now and they will be paying taxes. i don't see where the balance sheet is unbalanced. >> i'm saying that these people are already here and because they're in the shadow they're not paying taxes, social security. they're going to volunteer to pay the back taxes and step up and want to be identified because they want to end the main stream of paying taxes an
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security. >> they have a right to gain independence and come into the country. there's no doubt about it. you bring in some kids graduated or got a phd from harvard or china, he's going to contribute an enormous amount to the economy from day one. they have a lot of grit and guts but initially he and his family are going to consume. >> that person who comes in we need in the field. >> what's the majority on this panel? is it worth the money? >> i think you get amnesty for
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12 million. >> what happened to the statue of liberty? >> she's still there. >> what happened to that mentality? >> this isn't a charity case. >> she's not talking about charity cases. >> i thought america was about immigrants coming to the country and living the american dream. >> you've had periods of vast immigration 1890 and 1920 and zero immigration for almost 40 years. you can americanize these folk, put them in school. >> this bill has a million new immigrants coming in per year. >> we will be revisiting this several times. the 30 trillion-dollar deal. >> tonight i'm announcing we will talk on a comprehensive
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transatlantic trade with the european union. >> within two weeks it was announced in a joint statement that the european counsel and the european commission had adopted internal procedures necessary to launch the negotiation on a transatlantic trade and investment partnership. unquote. the prospect of an eu, us trade agreement was described by the president as a quote, unquote game changer. it was create the largest free trade stone in the world. he says that major effort and political will would be needed to make eu and es rules and regulations compatible. on monday of this week two congressmen, republican of minnesota and richard neal,
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democrat of massachusetts said quote, members on both sides of the aisle were excited to hear the president mention the importance of trade during his state of the union address and they welcome his notification to congress that he intended to launch the negotiation for the ttit. >> the congressman wants the relationship between the united states and europe to be strong but here's that formula for investment opportunity. one, eliminate the tariffs of tax companies. two, limit cross border trade using advantages of the internet. three, expand access. four, build bridges between the regulatory approaches of europe and of the u. s. doing the above would add at least $135 billion to the american economy
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each year. $1,000 for each american family''. the congressmen point out ttit is a golden opportunity to create jobs here in america. they say the political windows to negotiate free trade agreements will not be open long. in the past, europeans have resisted a transatlantic trade agreement. nevertheless, both sides ar optimistic. >> question. i said that i was led to this. what's the action taken by the two congressmen and then i discovered lexington in a magazine speaks to this transatlanta tipping point as you describe it. i understand you wrote under the student in lexington. tell us about the liberalization of global trade that will set in as a consequence of this. >> well, to some people it may
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sound dull, to some scary. it's one of those deals that really should be a no brainer. most trade deals you worry maybe if we open our markets to china or countries in asia they have these cheap workers. that's not how it works. europe and america have highways on both sides and worry about rules on both sides and the trade across the atlantic is gigantic. actually, the trade across the atlantic between europe and america is far, far larger than the trade between the united states and asia. it's a third of all global trade. >> what kind of money are we talking about? >> we're talking a trillion dollars a year, i think is the trade. it's a third of all global trade crossing the atlantic. these are things that should not be slowed down. ford motor company makes cars on both sides of the atlantic. >> you're talking about a third
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of the trade volume in the world. >> all global trade. >> you're talking about that being divided between the united states and europe. >> it comes out of this country to europe and what comes out of europe back to this country. >> what is the state of play right now? >> the state of play is promising and frustrating. the promising part is the years are kind of small balled to timid thinking on both sides. they're drowning in debt. if they don't get -- this is one of the ways to have easy growth. it's the people at the very top. >> what's the political window? >> the people at the very top, if they can stay on the big picture. >> we're 18 months before our
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next election. >> that's a reasonable window. >> what do you think of these two congressmen advancing this for serious thinking on both the part of the administration and part of congress. >> i think it makes sense for democrats. normally they worry about low cost composition. that's not europe's threat. the republicans know that the everyone wants to grow their market. >> where do you stand on this issue? >> i think it's one of the very few major league economic programs that would benefit the united states and europe. we need the larger markets. it's not going to be easy for some. this is the one way that both economies could grow between them and among them. >> you think it's a dream? >> i do. >> what do you think of the two congressmen advancing as a serious matter? >> i think it's a serious matter. >> what about the backing of
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the president? >> i think it's a terrific idea. it literally will explode the opportunity for the congressmen to work together. >> he had someone inside the administration keeping it alive. who was that? >> the guy is michael freeman. >> he got a new job. >> his new job is negotiating foreign trade with the u.s. >> so the president is a believer? >> of course. >> he has big people like anglo america, the chancellor of
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germany. >> if she moves in the direction they can't a-- they can't oppose her. >> they can get pecked to death by ducks. the europeans don't like our food. it's hard for them to get on the accounting rules. this is going to be a battle when it should be a no brainer. this is two friends. the u.s. is now into middle age. >> i've got a question for you. i think you'll like it. he raises the point that usually this is china. this is a reason to go forward. europeans tell americans they wish the unite for fear of becoming standard takers in an
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economic order. china will compel us to move in this direction. >> if you're going to have a trade deal, do it with europeans. >> i'm not saying do it with china. >> let me talk about the trade deals. the united states has run $10 trillion in trade deficits. we run deficits with japan, canada. we lost one-third of all our manufacturing jobs. >> did you hear him correct you just a minute ago? >> we have 55,000 factories. >> did you hear him correct you? >> i'm not all that against this. >> you said you're forsaken for the last three years. >> it's in the head lines now, they finally caught up. >> they're sinking us. it's in their interest. >> president obama has spent most of his political capitol on gun control.
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should he refocus on this monument free trade agreement? >> he doesn't have to. >> yes or no? >> he gets other people to do it. >> he could propel him with a terrific intellectual background. >> i agree. i think obama has to have an economic -- >> it doesn't sound like it. >> it's a trade deal. >> you're suspicious of everything. issue agreed. >> i think it's the saddest phone call i've ever had in my life. he told me pastor stevens passed away. >> gregory hicks is a state department veteran of 22 years.
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he testified to chairman darryl's committee this week that he's investigating the event 7 months ago when the u.s. was attacked. all militants set fire to the compound until four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya, jay christopher stevens. second in command was gregory hicks and he was stationed 400 miles away. on wednesday of this week and six hours of testimony mr. hicks described point by point the actions that unfolded that night including frantic phone calls and the frantic brainstorming and how to execute a rescue mission. hicks described the chosen plan. a four man special operations team. he says that the team led by lieu tenten kernel gibbson was
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-- lieutenant kernel gibbson was intercepted and told to stand down. >> i told him to go bring our people home. >> he said he talked on the phone with hillery clinton on the night of the attack. >> question, how much has the revelation done to erode hillery creditability? >> i think it's a serious problem that we're going to have to look into. i don't think it's really under her creditability. in some fundamental sense these decisions were not made by her to the best of my understanding by the way the story broke. there's something wrong in terms of the way it happened and the way these representatives and diplomats were left hanging. >> john, the problem is this. the initial report from the cia about what had happened was very, very active.
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they're extremist. people may be involved and they sent that over the state and we now learn at the end of this past week the state apparently scrubbed out almost all mention of terrorist of al-qaeda and the rest of it and focused on the video having caused it and it turns up into a lie and that is the problem now somebody said we did it for the leadership. >> the video he's referring to is the one done by an anti islamic. you want to see more on this you should read the national review, rich lowery did a splendid piece on that in yesterday's new york post describing what this video's about. it's vulgar and disfaithful. >> but they're indicating. >> he made the point. you can't pin it on that video.
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>> on national television on five shows. >> he don't want to talk about it. >> it will get ugly but it isn't that. >> can you see the rather odd ball show done by 60 minutes with two people, the president and the secretary of state. did you see that show? >> hillery announced she wasn't going to serve a second term. it >> my recollection it occurred in the wake of what we're
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describing here. >> four years out hillery clinton will be called again. >> i don't think she'll answer the call but if she doesn't run for president, the democrats have a strong bench beginning with a strong bench of women beginning with new york senator and california attorney general. >> she's going to answer that call. >> the congress is going to pass major legislation to provide additional security and all the stuff going on on the internet. >> what does that mean? >> it's being ribbed off in every way. >> congress is going to get office? >> i predict republicans will become the majority in the united states senate. happy mother's day.
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bye bye.
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turmoil at the top in oakland. two days after police chief howard jordan abruptly stepped down, another shakeup. prison realignment under attack. again. the latest comes from lieutenant governor abel maldonado. >> i'm here to discuss an issue that threatens the lives of every californian. >> pg&e faces a record fine for the blast. more than $2 billion. plus, former bay area comic w. kamau bell, totally honest, totally unfiltered about his hit show "totally biased." >> as a black person in america, you have to find humor in race, or you'll go crazy. >> coming up next.
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